Johannes Firzlaff
Student of Wood Technology
Fachhochschule Eberswalde

Contributions to Calculation of Notch Depths of Round Timber Shoulders

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Theoretic Derivation: Foundations for Numerical Computation of Notch Depths of Round Timber Shoulders

Size: 17 KByte text; 4 images necessary for understanding with in total 31 KByte; 1 image with 3 KByte (my logogram)

Practical Application - only available in German language - :

For use of my program it is necessary to read and understand the German version of this thesis and the German instructions for use.
Microsoft Excel© 7 file JF_RSV_B__(142112Afeb1997).xls
compressed as RSVB.ZIP [55 KB], decompressed 0,18 MB; for calculation of partial segments and partial forces, safety factors, eccentricity as well as for optimizing rod forces, diameters and notch depths.
ATTENTION!  Under EXCEL 97 this programm does NOT run in the way it is exspected to do! I do not know, why. Please ask yourself at Redmond. I beg your pardon. Thank you.

Pattern of View in black and white with examples of calculation (25 KB)

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